12 April Fool’s Pranks to Play on Your Salesforce Admin

April 1, 2015 RingLead Inc

It’s April Fool’s Day and if you haven’t chosen your target yet, we have a recommendation: your Salesforce admin. This is the person who spends countless hours merging, implementing, updating, fixing, adding, changing, and improving your Salesforce org. As a token of your appreciation for their hard work, why not come prepared with an arsenal of hilarious pranks?

prank note - flower bouquet

Here are 12 easy April Fool’s pranks to play on your Salesforce admin, and if you have more, tweet them to us at @RingLead.

1. Tell them you need your password reset…again

2. Request
System Admin access

3. Tell them you linked your account to a chrome plug-in called, “Mass Deleter”

4. Set up a fake email account named “Salesforce Support” and send your admin an email letting them know their free trial expires today

5. Ask if your nephew can shadow them for a week and reassure them with his
extensive Fortran and LISP experience

6. Set the auto-correct on their phone to change
“Salesforce” to “Sales Force”

7. Buy them a bouquet of flowers with a card that reads: “Thanks for the great work.
Love, Marc Benioff

8. Ask for your admin’s password, because you, ”
have some great ideas to spruce up the joint”

9. Say, “Our IT team has been working in Visualforce and they have a new app with only 30,000 lines of code!”

10. Change your
first and last name to match theirs, then send some screenshots asking, “Why the heck are you modifying all of my records?!?”

11. Request that they import your small list of
4,200,000 contacts

12. Tell them you created
7,000 duplicates all named Mickey Mouse because you are excited about your upcoming trip to Disney World


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