3 Expert Tips to Get the Most Out of Marketo Summit

April 10, 2015 RingLead Inc

Marketo’s annual user conference, Marketo Summit, is less than a week away, and if you haven’t done more than book a flight and hotel, it’s time to get planning. With over 100 sessions, 170 speakers, and 6,000 attendees, #mktgnation is sure to be an awesome event. I’m here to help you navigate it.

marketo summit - attending keynote session

1. Plan your sessions in advance

On average, you can attend a maximum of nine sessions — less than 10% of sessions offered. Therefore, unless you can clone yourself, you must plan in advance for success.
There are so many great sessions at Marketo Summit, and much like going to a great restaurant, you really can’t pick a bad one. To start, here’s my three step approach:

  1. Start with the expert sessions with the ten Marketo Champion sessions
  2. Fill in the rest with priority topics – find sessions that solve your burning challenges
  3. If you have some room left, select a random session to learn something new

Here’s the Complete Session List and RingLead’s top five sessions.

2. Download the Mobile App

To make the most of your experience,
download the official Marketo Summit 2015 mobile app. Log in with your registered email address and use the password summit15. Once you’re in, you can connect with attendees, build your agenda, and more.

3. Enjoy It!

See the city, introduce yourself to new people, walk the expo hall (and get some free stuff!). Only you can make the most of the experience, so take advantage of it.

Get even more tips in this video:


Network like a pro at this conference and future events with the free ebook below.

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