​3 Game-Changing Salesforce Admin Activity Hacks

April 9, 2015 RingLead Inc

I was excited and honored to be part of a packed RingLead webinar with fellow Salesforce MVP, Jarrod Kingston of Appirio, to present our latest and greatest hacks on Salesforce Activities, a combination of tasks and events.

salesforce hacksI’m very passionate about AppExchange apps. It all started as a hobby, and now I do it full time for RingLead, the first certified partner on the AppExchange. This fuels a lot of my hacks and ideas, so let’s get started. I’m going to go into a handful of hacks that are going to change lives. We’re going to destruct technology!

Salesforce Admin Hack 1: Phantom Task Tab (a.k.a The 007 Hack)

Objective: Your users desire one-click access to Activities.

This requires one simple line of code. When you create a Visualforce page, all you need are these page tags and then you can use action as a redirect. To start:

  1. Go to setup
  2. Go to developed pages
  3. Create new
  4. Paste in this line of code:

<apex:page action=”/007″></apex:page>

Now you’ve got yourself a Visualforce page. Now we’re going to create a tab.

  1. Go to create tabs
  2. Scroll down to Visualforce tabs
  3. Click new
  4. Select the Visualforce page that you created
  5. Label it (you could call it activities or tasks and events, or even hactivities)
  6. Pick your style with your icon
  7. Click next

With a few more customizable options, you have a custom tab that shows tasks and events. Right-clicking it opens the Visualforce page for a moment, starts the redirect, and now, you’re on a page.

You can actually get to this little 007 hidden page from the homepage. Watch the full demo of this hack at the bottom of this post.

Salesforce Admin Hack 2: Link to Edit the “What”

Objective: Give users a one-click path to edit the related to record from an activity record view or report.

The approach is to create a formula field that will link to edit the related record from an activity. If you’re creating a formula field, a.k.a the Who ID and the What ID, you want to be able to update the record with just one click.

Here is the formula field:

IF(!ISBLANK( WhatId ),

HYPERLINK(‘/’& WhatId &’/e’, ‘Edit the What’),


All that we’re doing is outputting a little hyperlink with a slash, then the What ID, then a /e after it. That’s going to be applicable no matter the type of record. Once you’ve created that little field, select edit. It’s going to bring you to the opportunity in edit mode. We’ve got the full demo of the hack at the end of this post.

Salesforce Admin Hack 3: Perpetual Tasks

Objective: Create recurring tasks that never end and automatically adjusts all future occurrences if one is closed early or late.

This is a very specific use case, but it could be applicable in a lot of different situations. Perpetual task is similar to recurring tasks, for instance, if you want to create recurring tasks that never end, and you want them to automatically adjust to all future occurrences if one is closed early or late. Therefore, you want future tasks to adjust as well.

Examples of this use case are touching base with a partner or customer, checking an error log, etc.

Let’s check out the setup and workflow. With a workflow on the task object, anytime the criteria is met, which is closed equals true, you’re closing it. When you close one, it’s going to create another one.

Watch the demo of all of these hacks:

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