40 Quick Recruiting Tips for that Next Successful Hire

June 25, 2015 RingLead Inc

Whether you’re a large business with a team of recruiters, or a small startup flying solo on that role, it’s important to keep up on the constantly-changing trends happening in the recruiting space. Today’s recruiting environment includes more jobs to fill, a need for clearly described incentives, hiring for culture, investing in talent, and being more flexible with approaches such job share, freelancers and remote workers.

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In a webinar with Jobscience and RingLead, the biggest trends and challenges were covered and deeply discussed in a panel full of recruiting experts, including Ted Elliott, CEO of Jobscience, Betsy Rowbottom of The Good Jobs, Terry Bustamante of Daxtra, Tracey Parsons of CredHive, Paul MLadineo of HRNX, and Dan Hughes of Broadlook Technologies.

Hold on to your recruiting hat because here are the biggest tips and insights from that session.


1. Make the application process very easy. Let them show you who they are in a simple format. (Betsy Rowbottom)


2. Glean the most important and most relevant aspects to the job for which they’re applying. (Paul MLadineo)


3. Get your marketing department involved with recruiting as a strategic part of their activities. (Betsy Rowbottom)


4. Gain access into your company’s database to search existing sources. (Terry Bustamante)


5. Millennials are born researchers. Provide helpful information on your website. (Betsy Rowbottom)


6. It’s no longer about a name, a title, and an email. Using data, you must understand your audience. (Dan Hughes)


7. If you invest in messaging from an employment branding side, and tell that story, you are going connect with all different generations. (Betsy Rowbottom)


8. Automation is key in order to remove administrative tasks and drive success. (Terry Bustamante)


9. The mindset needs to shift away from how candidates don’t fit us, to how we fit them. (Betsy Rowbottom)


10. It’s not from a skills perspective, but from a strength perspective. (Paul MLadineo)


11. Because your brand impacts the ability to attract and retain talent, talk about who you are in a more transparent way. (Betsy Rowbottom)


12. Build a culture that people want to be part of in order to retain people who feel they’re ready to leave. (Ted Elliott)


13. Publish videos that show a day in the life of a candidate. (Betsy Rowbottom)


14. Small businesses can compete with larger firms by offering unique incentives and environments to attract top talent. (Terry Bustamante)


15. Build on a company of mentorship with a little bit of a side hustle to teach everybody how to be hungry. (Tracey Parsons)


16. Position yourself as an employer that’s attractive to job seekers and attractive to customers, too. (Betsy Rowbottom)


17. Before you invest in technology, you must ask yourself, “What is our objective?” That will help you can find the right technology. (Dan Hughes)


18. Build relationships with talent that admire what you’re doing. If they’re in the job market, they’ll remember you. (Betsy Rowbottom)


19. Remember that Millennials are mission-driven. (Tracey Parsons)


20 .Build talent communities in order to build relationships. (Betsy Rowbottom)

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21. Employers today are faced with a greater number of technology choices to bring to the recruiting process. (Paul MLadineo)


22. Transparency is key. Candidates don’t understand vanilla messaging, such as: “We like to work hard, play hard,” or “We’re family friendly.” (
Betsy Rowbottom)


23. Be brilliant at the basics. (Dan Hughes)


24. Build your brand, and talk about who you are by communicating in a really meaningful way. (Betsy Rowbottom)


25. Hire slow and fire fast. (Tracey Parsons)


26. Come out and say how you invest in your employees, and how you invest in your community. (Betsy Rowbottom)


27. The application process shouldn’t ruin the candidate experience, or drive candidates to abandon it. (Paul MLadineo)


28. Tell a story that a candidate can connect with. (Betsy Rowbottom)


29. Hire in way that solves problems, and you will find the right role. (Tracey Parsons)


30. Social responsibility is something that all generations in the workplace really care about. (Betsy Rowbottom)


31. Choose good recruiting tools, but keep them simple and optimize. (Paul MLadineo)


32. Communicating your culture is really important. (Betsy Rowbottom)


33. Become more active in managing careers in real-time versus managing issues and challenges. (Tracey Parsons)


34. You must be seen as an employer of choice internally, as well as externally. (Betsy Rowbottom)


35. Don’t measure skills, but look at someone’s innate talents and interests. (Paul MLadineo)


36. You can invest in employees, training, corporate responsibility, etc., but if you don’t communicate it, no one will know you’re doing it. (Betsy Rowbottom)


37. If you can cut retention, you win, because you have fewer roles to fill. Nobody’s growing if they’re losing people. (Tracey Parsons)


38. Think about a much more strategic way to position yourself and differentiate yourself as an employer of choice. (Betsy Rowbottom)


39. Match your culture with the people who will strengthen that culture. (Paul MLadineo)


40. Your company DNA is the foundation, so invest in hiring for culture. (Betsy Rowbottom)


Get the free ebook with these tips and more at the link below.

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