7 Free Guides for Marketers Using Salesforce

March 27, 2015 RingLead Inc

The web provides endless opportunities to research and find information to be a bigger and better marketer.

When it comes to Salesforce, the amazing flexibility of that technology is probably the real reason that more companies use Salesforce than any other CRM.

With great technology comes so many choices about implementation, apps, tracking, etc. This makes it difficult to identify best practices.

While there’s no single right way to use Salesforce, these free ebooks and articles describe methods that will align your marketing and sales efforts into a fearsome revenue machine.

The Marketer’s Guide to Salesforce Reports

For marketers, truly leveraging Salesforce’s potential requires knowing how to both create and customize reports. In this guide, the Bizible team walks you through how to create reports, customize reports, make your reports actionable and effectively use custom fields to drive marketing ROI. Quickly learnhow to connect your sales and marketing data in order to optimize ROI.

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5 Must-Dos of Successful Salesforce Campaigns

Though most companies are “using” the campaign object in Salesforce, it’s rare to find companies that are fully leveraging campaigns in Salesforce to maximize sales and marketing ROI. This article by Appirio reveals five vital tips that can help you use campaigns more effectively than ever before.

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9 Principles of Killer Dashboards

Value: Get the data you need to see the big picture and always make the right call.

This guide from salesforce.com will help you visualize the data that you need the most. Reading this eBook will help you build exceptional dashboards in order to align around similar objectives, track success in the same ways, and focus on moving the same needles.

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Salesforce for B2B Marketers – The Complete Guide

Value: Learn how to leverage Salesforce and Pardot together to market smarter.

If you’re evaluating marketing automation systems, or have already invested in Pardot, this Pardot eBook is a powerful resource for learning more about how Salesforce CRM and Pardot can work together to help you market smarter — not harder. Salesforce for B2B Marketers takes a look at common goals and pain points of business-to-business marketers, like improving lead quality, collecting buyer data, personalizing marketing communications, enabling sales, and more.

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The Marketers’ Definitive Guide to Salesforce

Value: Quickly become a master at marketing in Salesforce.

This eBook is the definitive guide to marketing in Salesforce. By reading this eBook by RingDNA and RingLead, you can quickly become an expert at using Salesforce to align sales and marketing into a fearsome revenue machine. Learn the must-track Salesforce metrics, how to use Salesforce campaigns, how to keep your prospect data clean, and much more.

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Marketer’s Field Guide to Salesforce

Value: Quickly get up to speed at how to market effectively using Salesforce.

This comprehensive guide from Hubspot gives marketers the tools they need to successfully use Salesforce, including how to leverage the data in Salesforce to supercharge your marketing, how your sales team can use marketing data to transform their sales process, and how Salesforce can help foster sales and marketing alignment. It even includes a plain-English glossary to help marketers navigate through “Salesforce jargon”.

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Best Practices: Pardot & Salesforce Campaign ROI

This article from Pardot explains how to use Pardot and Salesforce together to measure and optimize campaign ROI. It’s vital to be able to identify which marketing campaigns have influenced an opportunity. Learn how to set up Salesforce reports, how to attribute primary campaign sources in opportunities, and how run an ROI report in Salesforce.

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What other guides, ebooks and articles would you recommend?

Check out more guides in this post and in this ebook from RingLead and RingDNA.

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