90% of the Connections Made at Dreamforce Will Be Lost!

September 14, 2015 John Kosturos

9 out of 10 conversations sales and marketing people have with contacts at Dreamforce do not get logged in Salesforce!

It baffles me that companies spend thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars to attend and exhibit at Dreamforce. If 90 percent of the conversations and new leads from Dreamforce are never entered in Salesforce… It’s no wonder that most companies have a hard time showing positive ROI from attending the event.

lost dreamforce connections - broken chain

If you are attending Dreamforce as a user, partner, or sponsor… wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn someone’s First Name, Last Name, and Company Name into a fully researched Salesforce record in seconds?

We’ve all spent painful nights in hotel rooms searching for contacts we met earlier in the day. Trying to find social profiles, contact information, and manually entering the data into Salesforce. I’d rather be at one of the parties having a good time.

RingLead has been attending Dreamforce since 2004 and has developed Capture to solve this problem for good. Capture turns conversations at Dreamforce into Salesforce records in seconds. Everyone at Dreamforce wears a badge with their First Name, Last Name, and Company Name. These are the only data points Capture needs to run its magic.

Capture researches the web for information on the individuals you connect with as well as the companies they work for. It can append emails, phone numbers, social profiles, company firmographics and more. It instantly creates Leads or contacts with the data and has the ability to place new records into a Salesforce Campaign!

Attendees who use Capture at Dreamforce will be able to flip the script and Capture 10 out of 10 conversations they have with leads and contacts. They will also be able to Capture 10 out of 10 of their new leads in Salesforce with the click of a button. Talk about crazy ROI.

RingLead is offereing a 10% discount on Capture for Chrome during Dreamforce! Installing the app is a breeze and doesn’t require a Salesforce Admin. Any Salesforce User Profile has the ability to install Capture to a Chrome Browser and begin communicating with Salesforce immediately. Sales and Marketing people finally have a RingLead tool of their own!


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