Everything Apple Fans Need to Know About the Salesforce Summer ’15 Release

June 9, 2015 RingLead Inc

The Salesforce Summer ’15 release is rolling out as you read this, with the full release coming this weekend (see all of the dates here). While the release notes feature a lot of exciting updates and changes, and many different teams and organizations will be positively affected, I see a big impact for Apple fans, hence the focus of this post.

Full disclosure: I am not an Apple fanboy…I’m more of an equal opportunity technophile. Right now, my desk houses a PC, Macbook, Android phone, and iPad. Nevertheless, those of you with Steve Jobs portrait tattoos, as well as the more casual Apple appreciateur like myself, will all enjoy the following list of things to know about the Salesforce Summer ’15 release as it pertains to your Apple toys.

Analytics for iOS

Now available on the Apple App Store, this app brings the power of the Wave analytics platform to your mobile device (and you thought it was only possible in a Dreamforce keynote). You can add data, create and edit dashboards from your mobile device…even put a dashboard on that new, fancy watch of yours.

Read the release notes

Mobile Dashboards for iPad no longer supported

As a direct result of the above announcement, if you’re using the Mobile Dashboards app on your iPad…knock it off. If you have the app on your iPad now, you can continue to use it, but if the app is deleted, it won’t be possible to reinstall it after this release. And it won’t be possible to install the app on new iPad devices.

Read the release notes

Data Loader for Mac

I know some of you have fond memories of LexiLoader, but the time has come for a proper OS X friendly version of the Data Loader. This is a good thing. Open Safari with your Magic TrackPad and get it from your Salesforce Setup today.

Read the release notes

Create Tasks from Notes with a Swipe (Beta)

Check out the new note-taking tool in the Salesforce1 mobile app, which quickly turns list items into tasks. While it isn’t specific to Apple devices, and it’s really for any users of Salesforce1, if you appreciate the user experience Apple is known for, then you will think this is cool, too.

Read the release notes

Salesforce1 No Longer Supported on iOS 7 Devices

You can continue to use previously installed, older versions of Salesforce1, however, Salesforce will no longer provide support for those older versions. In addition, you may encounter performance or other issues that won’t be addressed by Salesforce. In other words, dude…you need to upgrade that thing.

Read the release notes

Get more information on the release on the Success – Release Readiness group on the Salesforce Success Community site.

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