​How Does Your Lead Scoring Program Stack Up?

May 28, 2015 RingLead Inc

According to a Lattice Engines study, 44% of B2B marketers are doing lead scoring. But 32% say their lead scoring programs are ineffective.

lead scoring - stack of pencils

How does your program stack up?

The strength of your lead scoring program can depend on which factors you score against; how you collect data; how clean your database is; and more. A study by The Lenskold and Pedowitz Groups found that 68% of marketers cite lead scoring based on content and engagement as most responsible for improving revenue contribution – meaning content should be front and center in your lead scoring program.

How can interactive content help your lead scoring program? There are 3 key ways to boost lead scoring with interactive content:

  • More flexible, personalized scoring by asking specific questions and getting specific answers
  • Collect more & better data by shortening lead forms and flowing question-answer data directly into the lead record
  • Increase scoring opportunities by creating more net-new content quickly and easily with efficient content repurposing & interactivity

SnapApp and RingLead have teamed up to offer a sample lead scoring framework along with helpful tips for improving your lead scoring program, all in one infographic. And on top of that, we’ve made our infographic interactive, offering you an opportunity to share how your lead scoring program functions and find out how your marketing peers compare.

Ready to get started? Check out the interactive infographic below:

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How to Set Up Lead Scoring [Interactive Infographic]
How would you refer to your lead scoring program?



present, but ineffective

could be stronger

doing pretty well


Which actions do you include in your lead scoring program?

Select all that apply.

Visited pricing page

Contacted Sales

Signed up for the blog


Downloaded awareness-level content

Attended a conference session


Are your sales and marketing teams aligned on lead handoff criteria and procedures?





Do you wish you had better/more data to score and nurture leads?


I would do anything for better data!

Well, only if it’s not too much work.

Not at all, I have all the data I need.

How do you use content to support your lead scoring program?

Select all that apply.

Detailed buyer information collected through interactive content

Tracking content downloads by buyer’s journey stage

Number/frequency of offer downloads

Viewing data from video content


Bad data impacts lead scoring. How clean do you think your database is?


I’m supposed to clean it?

It was clean a month ago…

Squeaky clean!

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