How to Ensure Clean Data for Sales Growth

August 7, 2015 Ross Hoppenjan

In a very short period of time, our 100-year-old company has been able to achieve significant traffic growth, attract new clients, find new business opportunities, and communicate more effectively to clients. NRI, a printing company turned service solution provider, offering printing services, data output, floor and window graphics, and most recently, 3D printing, has found the the right tools and technology to effective manage our CRM, leading to these great results.

You can read more about our story in this case study.

Here are the big data quality takeaways, which can help your company achieve the same results.

Be Flexible in a Changing Environment

Regardless of your industry, there’s constant change. If you’re not on top of that change, you need to be able to deploy systems that will help you manage change better. For instance, it’s an employee market today; people are changing jobs. Data helps you track those people, i.e. where they’re going, who they’re connected to, etc. You can more effectively manage the sales process with strong data. Instead of going on a fishing expedition, you want to be focused on catching the big fish.

Evaluate Tools and Technology

Once we realized our data challenges, we asked the experts for advice on data quality solutions. Since we were moving to Salesforce, we tapped them for recommendations, and RingLead was mentioned as the leader, as well as a main consultant of Salesforce. We also conducted internal tests and evaluations before moving forward in order to ensure RingLead was the right solution for us.

In conjunction with the implementation of RingLead and Salesforce, we also incorporated Pardot and a few other tools. It was crucial that they all integrate and work together seamlessly. This partnership of technologies has helped us achieve higher traffic rates, and get new clients. With strong data, prospects can now find us on the web, come to our site, convert into a lead, become qualified, and turn into a sale.


Now that we had a baseline for our marketing and sales efforts, going forward, strong data will help us make adjustments to our business model, so our sales efforts will be more efficient. Data quality is like going on a diet; you constantly need to measure yourself and have your finger on the pulse. Strong data quality is something that can never be forgotten, and it can never stop.

Learn more about NRI’s experience with growing traffic, prospects and clients by reading the case study.

Achieve total data quality with the free complete guide below.

complete data quality guide

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