How to Link Marketo Leads to Salesforce Accounts

April 19, 2016 John Kosturos

Marketo is a Lead management software that integrates with Salesforce. Marketo best practices state that all new Leads should be input into the marketing system first and then synced to Salesforce. The issue is that Salesforce manages Leads, Contacts and Accounts. When you create a new Lead in Marketo, there is no way to natively link that Lead to a pre-existing prospect or customer Account in Salesforce.


When a web form or list upload is processed in Marketo, there is no way to associate the new Lead(s) to Salesforce Accounts. This creates many issues:

  • The Lead may already be in an active opportunity. If you send automatic promotions to the Lead, it’s possible that you will undermine the current opportunity pricing structure.
  • The lead may already be a closed won Account. If you send an automatic email offering a free iPad for signing up… the customer may want to know why they didn’t receive a free iPad.
  • Reporting on net new Leads is often skewed because many of the inbound Leads are coming in from a pre-existing Accounts.
  • Account based marketing relies on Lead-Account routing. It’s a best practice to assign a new Lead from a target Account to a specific BDR/SDR team.


In 2013, RingLead worked with Marketo on an integration to solve the Lead-to-Account routing issue. When a new Lead is created in Marketo, RingLead instantly looks for fuzzy-Lead and Contact duplicates. If no duplicates are found, RingLead will look for a matching Account. If RingLead finds a matching Account, it sends a response mapping back to the Lead in Marketo and populates an Account ID field.

With the Account information on the Marketo Lead, campaigns can be segmented to message active prospect and customer accounts differently than new Leads. Also, Marketo can populate fields from the Account, like industry, employee size, annual revenue, geography, and others onto the Lead. This is huge for Lead segmentation, scoring and routing.

The other option is for RingLead to auto convert Leads into Contacts in matching Accounts.Instead of linking the Lead to an existing Account, RingLead converts the Lead into a Contact.

linking marketo leads

Lastly, RingLead can trigger Lead-to-Account linking or conversion on batches of Marketo Leads.


1) Navigate to the Lead Database in Marketo.

2) Then create a New List “not a Smart List”, named “RingLead Lead-Account List”.

3) Then create a new Smart Campaign called “RingLead Lead-Account Campaign”.

4) Then add a Smart List and select trigger “Added to List” (Not a Filter). Set List Name to “RingLead Lead-Account Campaign”.

5) In the flow, add Call Web Hook and select “RingLead Web-to-Lead”.

6) In the Schedule, be sure to Activate the Campaign.

7) Lastly, go to the Lead database and select the records you want to pass through the webhook and add to the list “RingLead Lead-Account List”.
From here, just kick your feet back and watch RingLead work it’s magic.Use this link for more information about the RingLead-Marketo integration. Over 500 Marketo customers trust RingLead with their data quality management already. Marketo also explains how they use RingLead to prevent dirty data in this recorded webinar.

Join us at our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, April 26th 1:00p ET.

Feel free to leave your comments below. It’s always great to hear your feedback.

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