How to Pack for Dreamforce Like a Pro

July 29, 2015 Chris Brienza

It’s never too early to start thinking about Dreamforce 2016, especially if you’re attending, sponsoring, or speaking. I’ve attended Dreamforce in the past, so here’s my view on how to prepare.

A travel suitcase set

I purchased this American Tourister set in 2015 from Kohls, and it came in a set of three bags: a large bag, a medium-size suitcase and a tote. Travel sets are great to carry all of your necessary pieces together. Make sure to leave some room for swag.

A bag to use during Dreamforce

The black Tory Burch bag you see across the suitcase is my favorite cross body bag. For the ladies, I recommend bringing a cross body bag that you can use at night or when walking around. It keeps your hands/arms free while still being able to keep your bag close to you. (Bonus tip: This particular bag has a shorter strap that can be used as an evening bag, which is great for Dreamforce nights.)

As a registered attendee, you’ll also get the Dreamforce bag, full of swag and information about vendors and the show. It’s great for carrying your laptop, water bottle, other electronics, etc. It also serves as a great carry-on bag for the flight home.


Just in case it rains (Dreamforce 2013, anyone?), having your own umbrella is key. Salesforce often provides free ones, but that’s never 100%.

Ziplock bags

This is great for snacks, make up, and any small items that you want to protect.


I always wear my sunglasses when walking in the city during the day, and it will be no different in San Francisco. Keep the sun out of your eyes and enjoy the live music and meet ups on Howard Street.

Hand Sanitizer

I keep this handy in my bag since there is plenty of hand-shaking and hugs happening as we meet and see new and old friends.

I hope you found this helpful. Share your bag or what you are packing for Dreamforce with the hashtag #DF16.

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