List Uploads in Salesforce: How to Prevent Duplicates & Link Leads to Existing Accounts

April 28, 2016 John Kosturos

If you’re a longtime Salesforce user, you know that linking or converting leads into existing accounts is a manual and painful process. Here is a link to a Salesforce solution that explains how to manually convert a lead into an existing account. If you want to learn how to automate this process, you have found the right article.

Most Salesforce administrators utilize the data loader to upload their lead, contact, or account lists. The primary issue with the data loader, is that it does not look for duplicate leads, contacts, or accounts. Instead, it adds all of the records from your file as NEW leads. This results in a HUGE data disaster!

list upload in salesforce

Instead of using the data loader, you should try, RingLead’s Unique Upload (free trial). Unique Upload allows you to upload a list of leads, contacts, or accounts without creating duplicates. You will also be able to auto convert or link leads to pre-existing accounts.

Unique Upload includes many additional benefits:

  • Prevents Duplicate Leads, Contacts, and Accounts
  • Links Leads to existing accounts
  • Configures updating field actions
  • Associate leads, contacts, and accounts to campaigns
  • Archives overwritten field values
  • Creates task and or email notifications
  • Can segment searching by record type
  • Fuzzy or exact match algorithms available

Why should you care about all of these features? Here are a few reasons:

On average, 40% of the people that vendors interact with at tradeshows are current clients. Another 10% are already in the opportunity funnel. Uploading a list of tradeshow attendees to CRM without preventing duplicates can be a disaster. It’s never nice when clients receive that “FREE IPAD” offer or discount code, especially if they didn’t get anything for signing up in the first place.

Most marketers continuously strive to improve their metrics. Open rates, click rates, new leads, lead lifecycle, etc. Duplicates negatively impact marketing metrics by reducing open and click-through rates. They also inflate new lead metrics and skew lead lifecycle analytics.

Duplicates are a burden on database storage. Products like Salesforce and Marketo charge by the number of records or total storage volume. One of the easiest ways to cut the cost of these expensive platforms is to de-dupe and prevent future duplicates.

If you’d like to start linking leads to existing accounts and preventing list upload duplicates, click here to start your free trial of Unique Upload now. Also, check out how Intronis increased marketing efficiency by 85% with Unique Upload.

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