Sales Experts Reveal Their Top Sales Tips for 2015

March 5, 2015 RingLead Inc

Sales is changing as technology emerges and customers increasingly conduct their own research before ever talking to a salesperson. That’s why demonstrating expertise and establishing rapport with prospects is crucial to closing your next deal.

To help, Salesforce created a new ebook, 130 Sales Tips for 2015, that pulls together sales tips from a range of experts, including our own team members at RingLead, and our close partners and pals.

This ebook covers a variety of topics, from productivity and sales culture, to prospecting and cold calling, so we’ve pulled a few of these great tips right here.

What is the secret to sales success? Lots of practice. This bit of wisdom applies to every area of our lives, as most of us know by this point in our careers. Any real success has been the result of doing it over and over again, and this includes sales outreach.”
Donato Diorio, CEO, RingLead

Always be open to learning! Don’t be too set in your ways, because technology is evolving the sales and marketing communication process.”
Megan Tonzi, Director of Marketing, AG Salesworks

“Motivating salespeople is challenging. The toughest part is that each top performer is different. Knowing that all top performers are different is half the battle.
Designing simultaneous motivators for different types of salespeople will help you get the best out of your team consistently.”
Dan Ceravolo, Director, Sales Operations, RingLead

“All leads aren’t created equal, so, in practice, you should only respond quickly to the best leads. Sales teams should partner with marketing on a regular basis to identify their most valuable customer profiles, then identify a solution that will push the best leads at the top of the lead response queue.”
Howard Brown, CEO, RingDNA

It is just as important to disqualify a lead as it is to qualify it. Your time, talent, and attention are your most valuable sales assets, and they must be used wisely.” —
Gregg Thaler, Chief Revenue Officer, RingLead

“Keep your emails to
less than two scrolls on a smartphone.” —
John Barrows, sales trainer

“You hired salespeople for one reason only: to sell.
Invest heavily in your sales development infrastructure and technology to ensure that closing is all they have to focus on.” —
Pete Gracey, CEO, QuotaFactory

“When you send an email, send it to yourself first. Then, check the message on your smartphone. Does it read well there? More and more, decision makers are checking their messages on their phones.
Make sure it reads well on their phone or tablet.
The Irreverent Sales Girl

“You have some salespeople that are extremely driven by money, so if the
commission plan is designed well and drives the right behaviors, then this is enough to get the most out of this group of top performers.”
Dan Ceravolo, Director, Sales Operations, RingLead

“Productivity means you
engage all the stakeholders and uncover each of their needs and requirements, and not just your champion.”
Anthony Iannarino, author, speaker, sales expert

“Incentives are nice, but they’re not the ultimate motivator. What is?
Having a clear path to success. If you’re confident in what you need to do, you’re highly motivated to do it.”
Jason Jordan, author, speaker, sales management expert

“Most salespeople go on about what they do, who they work for, and their product. Who cares? They’re probably asleep or slamming down the phone by now.
Make it about them, their objectives and, specifically, your role in getting them there. [That’s] much warmer, and profitable for both.”
Tibor Shanto, Principal, Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.

Identify the first 15-20 people you need to call tomorrow before you leave the office. The next morning, make those calls before you open your email, web browser or CRM.”
Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing Inc.

“Small organizations give more people decision making power and need more info upfront, but for bigger organizations, less is more. I like to aim high in their org with a simple
‘introduction request’ email that usually gets forwarded downstream to the person you’re supposed to be talking to.”
Max Altschuler, CEO,

Don’t be scared of silence. Allow the prospect time to talk. Most of the time, they will tell you their challenges, which you wouldn’t have come to learn if you rushed into speaking. Listening will give you helpful ideas, allowing you to bring more value to them, and in turn, helping to close that deal faster.”
Christopher Ruhlig, Sales Executive, RingLead

“Always present your customer with two options: one that is higher-priced to provide a contrast to the regular offer.”Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter

“Once you truly
embrace and understand your value in the marketplace, you will be emotionally resilient and unstoppable.”
Connie Kadansky, President, Exceptional Sales Performance

“Make sure you get a
defined next step scheduled on the calendar before you leave any call or meeting with your client/prospect.”
John Barrows, sales trainer

“To warm up a cold call,
forget about you, your product, or your company. The start of the call has to be about the buyer, their objectives, and evidence that you have actually helped others achieve similar objectives and have done it in a way that has a positive impact for the buyer.”
Tibor Shanto, Principal, Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.

“At the end of each day, I recommend you
write down three things that worked. Allow yourself to acknowledge and appreciate your progress. Feel the feeling of achievement. Most salespeople need a grand-slam achievement to ever give themselves a pat on the back.”
Connie Kadansky, President, Exceptional Sales Performance

Be sure to check out the entire
ebook, for over 100 more.

Learn more sales tips with the free ebook below.

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