​Salesforce Experts Answer Your Questions About Salesforce Apps

March 12, 2015 RingLead Inc

It’s mind blowing to think about all of the amazing apps in the Salesforce AppExchange. Salesforce apps open up a world of possibilities to build great apps, and to make our lives easier.

In a recent webinar with Salesforce MVP Michael Farrington and CRMCulture CEO, Steve Roch, our audience had a chance to ask them about their favorite Salesforce AppExchange apps. The result was an informative and helpful session with tons of great comments, questions and thoughts. Here’s a quick look.

What apps are helpful for scanning business cards into Salesforce that work for Group Edition?

Steve Roch: On the roadmap, Salesforce plans for card scanning capabilities within Salesforce1. I think that’s a natural evolution and also works with capabilities such as expense reporting integration, where you can take a picture of a receipt and convert it into an expense for reporting.

Michael Farrington: ScanBizCards is a good one, although it doesn’t work with Groups. eLead is another business card scanning app that does work with Group Edition. Also, if the business cards have been scanned onto your computer, and put into an Excel file, for example, Capture will gather that data and move it into Salesforce for you.

Is there an app that will allow you to change the color of field labels in Salesforce?

Michael Farrington: There are no known apps that do this right now, however, it is an idea on the AppExchange. For now, on standard Salesforce pages, you can modify the labels with some JavaScript, however, Salesforce frowns upon it because it’s not a sanctioned way of manipulating the Salesforce pages. I’ve done this in the past with a sidebar component that runs some JavaScript, and it can change the look and feel of your page. Note that a sidebar component is not going to be permitted in the future.

Steve Roch: CRMCulture has conditional formatting in our ActionGrid App, not on the page layout itself. The fields on grids can be customized with bold, different colors, etc.

Is there any app that will list de-duped contacts and merge rather than automatically overwrite them?

Michael Farrington: I would recommend RingLead’s suite of products, such as Unique Entry, Unique Upload and Web-to-Lead. These are duplicate prevention applications that stop the duplicates at the manual entry, web form and list upload levels.

Is there an app that works for batch add action, in other words, the ability to add contacts to a report?

Steve Roch: Our Batch Add features in ActionGrid allow you to operate on multi-selected rows; take actions such as Batch Add Tasks, Opportunities, Notes, Chatter, Contacts to Campaigns. With our new API feature, you can write your own Batch features – literally Batch Anything.

Learn more about Salesforce, including hacks, on a webinar with Michael Farrington and Jarrod Kingston of Appirio on 3/19 at 2pm ET. Register here.

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