Superb AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit Quotes from Speakers and Attendees

April 23, 2015 RingLead Inc

Chicago has been a busy place for salespeople, as the seventh annual AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit took place earlier this week, with the Salesforce World Tour happening now. The 2015 Summit featured more than 40 expert sales presenters, sharing the latest tips, technologies, and best practices for today’s toughest sales challenges.

Whether you’re just settling back into the office after this event, heading to Salesforce World Tour, or didn’t get a chance to catch either event, here’s a look at the most-shared quotes and tips from speakers and attendees at the AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit.

“Teaching is just talking unless learning takes place.” — Jill Rowley

“There’s two stages in any sales process: 1) Believe 2) Believe in me.” — Matt Heinz


Have your salespeople blog. Salespeople that are thought leaders win deals.” — Tawheed Kader


A lead is the most perishable good on the planet. A lead goes bad after 60 seconds.” — Nick Hedges


“Smart companies train the Janitor to sell. #WhyNot #EveryoneIsSelling.” — Jack Kosakowski


“I see a day when there’s no division between inside and outside sales.” — Bob Perkins


“Lessons learned: You no longer have to be a statistician to capitalize on stats.” — Britto Manasco


“Every decision is emotional.” — Tom Snyder


10% of leads result in 80-90% of revenue. Get sales focused on the right 10% with predictive scoring.” — David Singh


“It’s not about phone calls, it’s about giving yourself enough opportunities to be successful.” — Vince Gatti


Sales Dodo: A flightless turkey of an opportunity that may lead to the extinction of an Inside Sales Rep’s quarter.” — Jill Rowley

“The best email open and reply rates are at the edges of the day — early in the morning and late at night.” — Bridget Gleason


“The best way to distribute leads to an inside sales team is based on performance.” — Nick Hedges


“If I’m ONLY a features and benefits sales person, I probably won’t be invited to final table.” — Skip Miller


Ask sales reps what motivates them and they’ll say ‘cash.’ Ask the question why three times and that’ll be your answer.” — Sean Murray


“Approach sales references like you’re writing a case study. What problem were you trying to fix?” — Matt Heinz

Change ‘The First Date’ with your prospect and it changes everything.” — Skip Miller


“There’s definitely a new breed of Sales Reps who are a blend of Marketing and Sales.” — Jill Rowley


“Before a call is made, be prepared to GIVE and ADD value…let them take from you.” — Vince Gatti


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