What is Sales Enablement? [INFOGRAPHIC]

June 10, 2015 RingLead Inc

Sales enablement is a term that gets a lot of use, but I’m not certain it’s been viewed with a lot of rigor. Our research at Vantage Point Performance revealed a simple way to think about it – as a collection of activities intended to enable better sales execution.

And we start doing this by recruiting and hiring the right folks. Then we coach and train them to higher levels of proficiency. Then we equip them with tools to support their selling efforts. And finally, we assess their performance to ensure they’re on track to succeed.

And there you have it: Sales enablement defined. We find that putting such clear definitions around things allows us to think more strategically about them. We believe recruiting and hiring, coaching and training, equipping and assessing salespeople should be seen as the sales enablement continuum. When looking across this continuum, you might find holes in what your own company is currently doing to enable your sales force. And that’s a good thing, because then you know where to focus your sales enablement effort.

We created the following infographic that dives deeper into sale enablement and the metrics around it.

Sales enablement is a collection of tasks and tools that are intended to improve the execution of key sales activities. How do you define it?

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