How to Automate Prospecting and Target List Building on LinkedIn With DMS Capture

November 21, 2017
RingLead’s end-to-end data management solution DMS features a key discovery and prospecting tool, DMS Capture, that automates target list building, enabling any sales rep, recruiter or marketer to instantly generate targeted lead lists complete with enriched fields, so your organization can manage their data... faster, and smarter. Sales reps understand that calling and nurturing leads these targeted lead list is indispensable to their account-based marketing strategy - it’s how they generate drive their organizations revenue. However, the average rep only spends 30 percent of their day selling - the rest of their time is often spent researching data on Google, LinkedIn and other social sites to build lead list and to find key information on their target leads and accounts. The all-too-common trade-off between selling and prospecting that damages most businesses does not need to exist at your organization. RingLead DMS Capture is used by thousands of sales reps, recruiters, and marketers to compliment existing tools like LinkedIn, Google Searches, and Company Webpages to automate prospecting. DMS Capture recognizes data patterns from countless origins, enabling reps to click Capture and instantly generate lead lists of 1,000+, all with enriched data fields like direct dials, validated email addresses, job titles, and more. Your rep then imports that list to Salesforce where DMS prevents any duplicates from entering your Salesforce, enables you to add leads to existing accounts, and standardizes your new data to ensure the quality of your database remains intact. Creating and maintaining a clean, dupe-free and enriched database has never been simpler.

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