RingLead Testimonial: Don Heikka, Beeline

January 16, 2012
"The Support team at RingLead™ was amazing in helping me and walking me through the process" http://www.RingLead.com Don successfully cleaned his database by removing pesky duplicates from Salesforce, and prevented further duplicates with our web-to-lead and list import tools. Try our full suite of applications free for 30 days! Don, who is admittedly not "technically inclined" was given the task of manually combing through his salesforce.com database of 6,000+ records to identify and merge duplicates. With the help of the RingLead™ support team, Don was able to implement Declone Data Cleansing to automatically identify and merge duplicate Leads, Accounts & Contacts. Don also installed our suite of duplicate prevention tools to make sure he'd never have to manually comb through records again.
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RingLead Testimonial: Angie O'Hara, Clearwater Analytics

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